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Originally Posted by F TANK View Post
cool...count me in

I also posted in the Co-op thread, but activity around here is pretty dead. I'd be up for joining in the syndicate, as well.

I only need one more achievement (CEO), but one of the challenges I need to finish up is the Syndicate Reboot one.

I still have a ways to go to finish up the rest of the challenges, so I'd be in for helping others work towards getting achievements they need even after I unlock CEO (it's not super active, though it would seem more people are on late at night).

I'd either need to start a new syndicate or join yours since the one I'm currently in is not mine and these guys don't play the game anymore.

My GT is TenDahlaG4mrTag if you guys are interested.

Thanks to V1ZIONZxBLOOD for the really cool sig!
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