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Originally Posted by Park Diesel View Post
Following the above guide, this always happens to me;

My final shot never reaches the last castle. What am I not understanding here? Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT- Well, I got gold on it. I never figured out how to reach the back castle with the final bomb shot though.

I think I got pretty lucky.

On the 3rd shot I started curving to the left while going for the score token. I then started curving the shot back to the right, towards the red satchel charge. Somehow the basic shot managed to bounce its way into the rear castle as well, nearly destroying all of it. Those extra points were enough to give me gold.

I wouldn't recommend this as a strategy, as I said I believe I got lucky. But if you can't get it following the diagram give it a shot, you might get lucky too.
That's interesting cause Instead of the third shot, I got my first shot to ricochet all the way to the back and almost completely destroyed that castle. I think that brought me over 3X so after that the rest was easy cause the multi was so high.
Was a very lucky shot though, I had tried that same shot many times before this and that never happened.
This is a really fun game.
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