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[QUOTE=Seiryu;5617584]Has anyone tried playing this on a WP8?QUOTE]

I played it without problems on my Nokia Lumia 820 and it's a WP8.

But there some in game glitches.
  • Game gets stuck on character select screen.
  • Game starts but is not connected. Requires multiple restarts to work.
  • You cannot use the back button in game menus as it makes game quit out completely.
  • Bro's do not show up in game even if you have several people on your Friend's list with the game.
  • Similar to above - Not all Bros appear in Bro selection or under challenges.
  • Game can cycle through Bros even when you select the player you want to play with.
  • Bro Op challenges show as completed already even though you have not played them so you cannot unlock the rewards.
  • Challenge rewards do not always appear in your inventory.
  • Inventory disappears (probably the most infuriating for obvious reasons).
  • Green bucks disappearing.
  • Game gets stuck on loading screen and the loading icon just stops and can take several attempts to start.
  • Similar to above but will not start up at all and just sits on loading screen permanently showing the loading icon. This is an issue I have had and as far as I am aware no one else has reported this yet but let us know if you have. I found a work around which you will find below.
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