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Those are just encrypted files. Basically if you copy those files to another usb stick, you should be able to just plug in the second usb stick into an Xbox and it'll have the contents of the original usb stick. I use this method to back up my game saves to my computer. The only trick is that the second usb stick must be the same size as the original, though you can get round that by using a program called Xtaf that can inject and extract from the encrypted files.

In terms of not wanting to get banned, if you upload the files, only provide the link in private messages. Don't just post it. Microsoft won't care about people passing it to each other, but will care if someone makes it available for mass file sharing for any and all.

Someone has already successfully uploaded to me a Day 1 version of Sonic Adventure which is the oldschool 1.6gb unglitched version. Unfortunately that version seems to have its own DRM to the current version, because it wouldn't launch in full mode for me.

I believe Veedrock thinks this will happen with the 1.5gb unglitched version, and he might be right. But I still think its best to try to find out for sure.
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