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I still need these. I just need to play/win the maps. I also need to Rebirth, but I am content playing legit to get there and not boosting to Lv.50, so that's not a concern of mine (and I'm like, Lv.43 or something anyway).

No available headset, and I *may* be unable to connect (NAT settings which I can't seem to fix), but if we do connect it will be smooth sailing from there.

I am available pretty much any weekday (not Friday) from 10am-3pm EST, almost any time on weekends except some point in the evening or a special event, and I am available late at night from 1:30am until 6am unless super tired or sick (not often).

Message me (don't just Friend Request me, because I won't know what you want and probably not add you) if you want to try boosting. I want these out of the way finally.

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