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Still need these.

I am available pretty much any weekday (not Friday) from 10am-3pm EST, almost any time on weekends except some point in the evening or a special event, and I am available late at night from 1:30am until 6am unless super tired or sick (not often).

Message me (don't just Friend Request me, because I won't know what you want and probably not add you) if you want to try boosting.

If I am unable to connect with you for some reason, it's my NAT settings, which I have tried to fix many times and it either breaks my internet altogether or simply doesn't work due to how my 360 gets internet in the first place.

Originally Posted by brownstar ninja View Post
So you need 10 people to play, and you can invite them without making it a "private match"
Eh? I was convinced there was a mode where you could have less players.

That aside, I'm not good at organizing these things. I usually just join groups instead of starting them.

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