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Originally Posted by Majica8 View Post
I'm no fan of season passes, day 1 DLC and DLC disc, but it's harsh to lump DS3 in with games that do that (apologies if you aren't doing that, it just comes across that way to me). The DLC available from day 1 is actually just pointless items. Extra weapons, suits etc. Not like it's full DLC with achievements. And Awakened wasn't on this disc already, plus no season pass for DS3.

Can't say the speed increase bothered me that much. Made it more of a challenge in some places but that's a good thing I think.
In a way I kinda was lumping it in there. I get really bothered by online passes. I mean, we already have to pay to play online, and now if we don't buy a game new, we have to buy codes to play it. My first time experiencing this was Mass Effect 2, and thought it was cheap, now lots of games are like that. DS3 wasn't as offensive as having Javik as a day one DLC character for ME3. I know RE5 Versus mode was already on disc, so I assume other devs do that as well.

And as a correction, I meant online passes, not season passes lol
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