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Originally Posted by Deadly View Post
They change when you die but they are the same if you dont die/lose. I was playing with 3 fiends (they were in different xboxs) and we got the same until one got killed.

Ok for the ones having a hard time in this two last circuits lol.
If you have this circuit like i then the second photo shows you the answer, is made in paper and pen :O, i made then that way, took a photo, pause the game then analyze it in my laptop.
PD: Please check that this one is the same as yours because it may be different.

The IMG 0002 is the original circuit 2 and the IMG 0008 is the answer

For darkconsoles
The IMG 0003 is my original circuit 3 and the IMG 0006 is the answer
Btw can you tell me if is the same circuit as yours ?

Edited. Just made other 2 that maybe is yours, or maybe is the one of somebody else looking this thread.
IMG 00013 and 00014 doesnt have original they are just the correct answer to other 2 circuit puzzle.
So far i managed to encounter 3 different circuit puzzle of 7 by 7, just check yours and compare to the pics :P

PD: Btw keep this because you will need them in future circuit puzzle.

PD: Mmm i found 3 more hard circuit of 7 by 7 :S, another another can be found in the post 12

Many many many thanks , finally got through it
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