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Well just wrapped this bitch up and I'm pretty stoked about it, it's definitely a challenge at times but if you use some common sense and hang way back it's not bad. like the tips pointed out say, there are no infinite enemy re-spawns so if you can hug a good corner and corridor the enemies to you, your good to go. I hung way back alot of time and just slowly picked guys off with the semi auto rifle with scope. Always search for grenades and honestly use the shit out of your squad. I noticed they work better when always selecting the nearest target, so just designate and let them use their ammo up. I'd give the game an 7 or 8 total on difficulty only because the a.i. can spam grenades for sure, and enemies take way too many rounds. Stick it out guys it's a good accomplishment, just hang back and don't be a hero
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