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My favorite title of the 11 that Warner Bros. put out was Batman: Arkham Rises.
I think it should be about how Scarecrow has threatened to release his gas out on Gotham and it's all up to Batman (Batman and Robin should have their own cooperative campaign about how Riddler is going insane and threatens to kill Scarecrow, Bane, Penguin, and Harley Quinn. But worst of all, He threatens to abduct Alfred, which is the only thing that makes Batman and Robin want to bring and end to his schemes for good.) to stop him. However, since Scarecrow has the other villains (Prometheus, Deadshot, Two-Face, and Riddler) under the persuasion of a different gas that he was working on during the events of Arkham City. Despite the new gas, Riddler is smart enough to break free, and is now on the loose hiding Riddler Trophies and taking hostages. The other villains aren't nearly as smart as Riddler, so they don't break free and remain under Scarecrow's custody. Scarecrow has them each take their own gangs to assist them in planting the gas canisters. Batman makes a shocking discovery to see Alfred taken hostage by Prometheus, which causes Batman to get emotional after rescuing him. After this, he goes to the Scarecrow's lair, but he finds it locked up and needs an explosive to take it down. He tries to use explosive gel, but it isn't strong enough. He then overhears some of Joker's former thugs talking about how they saw Deadshot ready to blow up Wayne manor. This triggers a race to get to Wayne Manor before it gets blown sky high. When he arrives, he spots a C4 explosive on the front door. This forces him to track down Deadshot and get the remote control from him. After a boss battle, Batman obtains the control and takes the C4 off the door. He then takes it back to Scarecrow's lair and blows up the door, allowing him in to it. When he arrives, he discovers that Scarecrow thought ahead and released the gas in the building. He overhears Scarecrow saying that he gave a mask to Two-Face, but then shot him in the head shortly afterward. Batman tracks down Two-Face's corpse, and finds the mask. Now he is ready to confront Scarecrow, after a few round of fighting, Scarecrow blows up the floor beneath him and reveals a pit of fire. Batman saves himself and grapples up. He forces Scarecrow down anti the remnants of the floor. He then realizes that Scarecrow has an explosive set up on the wall next to him. When he blows it up, the player is given a choice to either rescue Scarecrow or let him kill himself in the explosion. If the player chose to rescue him, then the last cutscene depicts Batman throwing Scarecrow into Arkham Asylum and knocks him out with a single punch to the head. If the player chooses to let Scarecrow die, then the last cutscene depicts Batman showing up to his body, and throws it down in the fire to cremate him. After this, the credits roll, but the player is still able to free roam. Not only that, but he has challenges to complete, just like in the previous games.

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