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Originally Posted by StingX2 View Post
In challenge mode it says eat the flies, the graphics are next gen and flies are yellow here right? When i eat them, i get a failure O_O


The reason is because there's a 'bug/glitch' in the game, due to bad developers (10 second load times for FROGGER? The horrid UI, etc.)

When you jump onto a fly, possibly in combination with the lady frog, you may notice the game 'freeze'. One of those stutter/lags, like when starting the game, or possibly jumping on the lady frog.

Problem is, it's still simulating the game, just not correctly. So after the stutter is over, the game is back to where it would be that many milliseconds ahead. When jumping on the end spot and collecting the fly and getting the stutter, you may be on the very middle of the landing pad.

After the stutter, you're several pixels to the right. It registers you collecting the fly, but not landing on the pad. Thus, you're now on bad space, and are now splat. This happens on ALL game types.

To fix it: You need to jump somewhat early. Not too early, but enough that you're near the left edge of the landing spot. By the end of the stutter, you'll be on the right edge, but still safe. It's the only way to survive getting the first fly. Note that I do not know if this happens on every level, or just on each start/restart of a challenge/gametype.

Horrid game, horrid devs. They should be named and shamed for this.
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