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Well I work at a GameStop and I can say that we received a grand total of 4 Ninjini, 1 Series 2 Spyro, and 1 Series 2 Wrecking Ball since they were released. Also saw an individual Hot Dog and Shroomboom too. Still haven't seen us get any more light core ones since the first shipment when the game first came out, which is rather sad. I lucked out and found my Light Core Shroomboom at Walmart (where they surprising had a ton of them) and my Light Core Jet-Vac at a Target. I'm in Michigan by the way.
All I need now are Series 2 Drobot, and then Light Cores Hex, Chill, and Popfizz. Plus a Molten Hot Dog, Polar Whirlwind, Scarlet Ninjini variants, whenever they decide to release those that is.
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