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Originally Posted by B A R 4 D View Post
^ Yeah, think I've only returned about 20 odd flags so far. Capping them is annoying as fuck most of the time.

Well after finally winning 50 games of CTF for the medal, all I've noticed is running after the flag shits on your K/D (if you really care about that) and instead just defending your flag and letting others for for theirs has proven really strong to me lately. I played most of my games on Operation Riverside on the Russian team, so I always like a noob..hid in the rocks in front of the flag with a M320 therefore basically made it impossible for the other team to cap our flag even once ..50 games will fly by and I averaged 5 K/D..6 K/D each game. Nebandan Flats is brilliant too but the other 2 maps in CTF are pretty shit imo.

I need to work on the 50 flag caps now think I only have about 10 so far and most of those are stolen off a teammate who died right next to our base returning it lol.

i think i have won like 30 games of CTF, and i try to make it my mission to cap one flag each game so I can unlock the dogtag by the time i get done. hopefully it works out. sometimes i dont get a chance to, as earlier with saint, i flew him to the flag all three times and he got all the captures. lol

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