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Originally Posted by fivebyfive200 View Post
Really don't like universal ammo, survival horror is suppose to be guns with limited ammo but then again this watered down survival horror.
That is where I am going to stop you; yes, universal ammo may have "watered down survival horror" however, that aspect was brilliant considering it saves you inventory space, and last time I checked people where complaining about inventory space.

Not sure if it has ever happened to you,but I have had instances(in previous Dead Space games) where I have had too much ammo in my inventory, and had to drop ammo or perhaps TK'ing ammo to a safe in order to pick up Health, Schematics, or even Statis Packs when needed without sacrificing ammo.

This accounts for: Impossible on Dead Space and even Hard Core on Dead Space 2

Now I am more than likely going to sound like an ass for saying this, but maybe, you should hit your targets limbs then you'd realize that if you did, you would have a lot of spare ammo. You understand where I am coming from? The Universal Ammo is not a bad thing and it saves space! Though I have noticed the games' intention of wanting me to use Statis as I have a ton of Statis Packs during the course of Dead Space 3.

Sorry if I sounded like an ass, but I think it is a nice addition to the game.
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