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[0:06] - Old Town Declassified Mission
Shortly into the chapter, you will come to a market where you will see a tree set on fire. Right after you pass the market, you will see the Gears of War logo on your right, where you can start the mission.

[0:36] - Old Town COG Tag
In the next area, you will find out that your convoy is destroyed and you will be attacked. Kill all the enemies and continue to your objective. Check the small courtyard across the street from your teammates for the COG tag. It will be next to the small house.

Achievement – Challenge Accepted
This achievement can be attained by completing the first declassified mission which can be found in the Old Town during the first chapter. Complete the mission to unlock this achievement.

[0:55] - Riverwalk District Declassified Mission
Upon jumping over the barrels, you should find a dead soldier alongside a sniper rifle. Here you can activate this declassified mission.

[1:17] - Riverwalk District COG Tag
Shortly after the declassified mission, you will come to a market with a turret. While facing the turret (looking up from the lower level), turn to your left to see an alley with a COG tag at the end of it to your right hand side.

[1:36] - Museum Gardens Declassified Mission
After breaking the door, you’ll easily find this declassified mission in the same hallway.

[1:49] - Museum Gardens COG Tag
Right after, you’ll break another door, you’ll make your way outside of the building. Keep to the alley on the right hand side. There will be a COG tag at the end of it.

[2:04] - Great Hall Declassified Mission
After entering the Great Hall, look behind the statue that will be right in front of you. Here you can start the declassified mission. Make sure to start it before the enemies attack you, or else it will disappear.

[2:04] - Great Hall COG Tag
Before or after killing all the enemies in the Great Hall, you’ll want to go to the fountain downstairs, and then jump into the water to find the COG tag.

[2:27] - Kashkur Wing Declassified Mission
At the start of this section, you can access this declassified mission, using the wall on your left.

[2:41] - Kashkur COG Tag
Once you get into the large hall, you will see a large mounted turret. After killing all the enemies, you can find the COG tag directly in front of the turret, on the lower level, on the ground.

[2:59] - East Wing Declassified Mission
As soon as you enter this section, right in front of you. Must be activated before the enemy waves spawn. You will have to successfully defend Nassar Embry’s Armor to complete this declassified mission.

[3:10] - East Wind COG Tag
Kill all the enemies and regroup with your teammates. After this, check the room that is on the right hand side of the exit door, and inside of it will be the COG tag.

[3:24] - Archives Declassified Mission
This can be found in the middle of the staircase, as you go downstairs at the very beginning of this section. You will to kill all 10 serapede eggs to complete the mission.

[3:34] - Archives COG Tag
After the eggs, you break the lock and go to your left. Follow the wall, and pass the platform with the mulcher. Behind the shelves, you should see the Gears of War logo, and the COG tag is located just to the right of it, behind some shelves.

[4:01] - Vaults Declassified Mission
As you enter this section, you will be able to access this declassified mission on the wall to your right hand side.

[4:10] - Vaults COG Tag
During this section, you will come to a section with a large crater in the ground. Follow the outside of the crater until you see a the Gears of War logo, finding the COG tag nearby.

Achievement – They Called Him Karn
This achievement is attained at the end of the level for completing Chapter 1.

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