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[0:06] - Judgment Fortress Declassified Mission
Directly in front of you when starting this section. Be quick and activate it as fast as possible.

[0:13] - Judgment Fortress COG Tag
Kill all the locust, and make your way to the top level. Before continuing, and finishing the level, stand near the exit, and look for the Gears of War logo on one of the building walls. It will be next to a door, inside of which is the COG Tag.

[0:31] - Container Terminal Declassified Mission
You should be able to see this one from the start, under the bridge, on your left hand side.

[0:43] - Container Terminal COG Tag
You come to section with a silverback, which you'll want to use to kill all the enemies. After clearing them out, go up the stairs on your right hand side in the last open area, and you'll find the COG Tag at the end of the balcony.

[0:55] - Motor Pool Declassified Mission
As you enter, you will see it directly in front of you.

[1:02] - Motor Pool COG Tag
As you head outside, keep left, and you will see the Gears of War logo on the wall. Behind the ledge, you will find the COG Tag.

[1:20] - The Cliffs COG Tag
You'll be getting the COG Tag before the declassified mission this time around. As soon as you begin this area, use the stairs to your left hand side, finding the COG Tag at the top.

Achievement – Veteran Remembrance
This achievement is attained when you recover 25 COG Tags during the campaign.

[1:33] - The Cliffs Declassified Mission
Continue down the road, and on the left hand side you should the declassified mission on the wall of a building.

Achievement - Shooting Star
If you are playing on at least Normal difficulty, and have gotten all stars up to this point, you unlock this achievement.

[1:48] - Central Base Declassified Mission
Directly in front of you on the start of this section, on the wall on your left.

[1:57] - Central Base COG Tag
Continue forward until you go outside. Follow the path, and you descend down a small flight of stairs before entering the battlefield. You will find the COG Tag at the bottom of these steps.

[2:12] - Central Control COG Tag
Upon entering this section, go to the middle of the room, and follow the path to your right hand side, to find the COG Tag at the end of this hallway.

[2:34] - Central Control Declassified Mission
After lighting the missile, a cutscene will start. After the cutscene, turn to your left to spot this declassified mission.

[2:46] - Beach COG Tag
Once this section starts, follow the path. After going up the first set of stairs, turn left to find the COG Tag, sitting in a corner.

[2:46] - Beach Declassified Mission
Turn around from here to see the declassified mission on the wall to the right of the stairs.

Achievement – Take Back This City
This achievement is attained at the end of the level for completing Chapter 4.

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