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[0:06] - Courtroom COG Tag
From the start, you'll want to clear out most of the enemies. Now, from your starting position, go to the middle of this section, and the COG Tag is located at the top of the left pillar. You will see the Gears of War logo on it.

[0:06] - Courtroom Declassified Mission
From the COG Tag location, walk back down the stairs, and then circle the room to find the declassified mission on the outside wall.

[0:40] - Halls of Judgment Declassified Mission
Play until you have to break through a door. You will see this declassified mission immediately after destroying the door.

[0:52] - Halls of Judgment COG Tag
Assuming you started the declassified mission, you will come to a smoked filled room. There is a balcony to the left of this area, with a door near the starting point of this area that will become available after clearing out some enemies. Access the balcony through the door nearest the entrance of this area, and you will find the COG Tag behind the bench.

[1:09] - Terrace Declassified Mission
As soon as you begin the section, you will see it on the door to your right.

[1:19] - Terrace COG Tag
Make your way through the level, to the very end. While facing the exit door, turn around and you will see the COG Tag on the ground next to the sandbags.

[1:40] - North Entrance Declassified Mission
At the start of this section, go forward and look right.

[1:51] - North Entrance COG Tag
Now clear out all the enemies, and you'll want to make your way across to the opposite side balcony from where you start. At the top of the steps, turn left to find the COG Tag at the end of the walkway.

[2:20] - Main Entrance Declassified Mission
From your initial position, go forward and it will be to your right.

[2:33] - Main Entrance COG Tag
Kill all the enemies, and get to the end of the level, but don't continue. In the large room, just before the exit, looking towards the exit, there is a small room off to the right hand side, containing the COG Tag.

[2:54] - Great Staircase Declassified Mission
As you start this section, it is directly in front of you.

[3:04] - Great Staircase COG Tag
Kill all the enemies, and head to the exit point. From the exit point, you should be able to see the Gears of War logo on one of the walls. Head up the stairs next to it, and the COG Tag will be on the ground.

[3:25] - Judgment Plaza Declassified Mission
After the cutscene, immediately activate the declassified mission which will be in front of you slightly to your left.

[3:25] - Judgment Plaza COG Tag
From the above mentioned mission, you'll want to roadie run on the outside of this area, all the way to the opposite side of where you started. There will be a COG Tag on the ground, on the outskirts of the map.

Achievement – This One’s Not Over
This achievement is attained at the end of the level for completing Chapter 6.

Achievement(s) – Determined, Steel Nerves, Iron Fist, Lion Heart, Blood Brothers
You will also unlock various achievements once you complete the game based on the difficulty and whether or not you played in co-op.

Achievement – Quality Soldiering & Seriously Judgmental
You will play the last declassified mission during Chapter 6. Assuming that you followed along and were able to complete all of them as you progressed, you will unlock an achievement for completing them all at this point. If you've played on Insane, you will unlock an additional achievement. View the notes at the beginning of this guide to see how you can find out what missions you have missed.

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