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Updated again. Looks like we're all set. Ive also sent msgs to those of you who contacted me on xbox live. Feel free to join up even if i dont have you on the list below, we can just eliminate some guests. If you havent already, go ahead and send FRs to each other and myself. If possible let's try and do this tonight, check your XBL msgs. I'll be on around 9pm CST.

1. JuEv0splash
2. JuEv0splash (guest)
3. JuEv0splash (guest)
4. JuEv0splash (guest)
5. General Rudo
6. General Rudo (guest)
7. General Rudo (guest)
8. General Rudo (guest)
10. R0CKSTAR J (guest)
12. BIGNASTYLUMP (guest)
13. BIGNASTYLUMP (guest)
14. Anthonymrb
15. Anthonymrb (guest)
16. Anthonymrb (guest)

17. (backup)
18. (backup)

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