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I'm up for boosting achievements. Send me a "MESSAGE," not a Friend Request... and mention what game you want to boost (this isn't the only game I boost), what time-zone you are in... and what hours you usually play.

I am in the Pacific Time Zone (Daylight Savings Time, currently), and I usually play from 10 PM to 1 or 2 AM (Pacific Time). If you play at the same time I do, but you live in the UK (for example)... that isn't going to work! I think my GMT is -8 hours.

Good luck, everyone. I played for several hours the other night... and I *never* saw any of the DLC maps during ranked games (and I played many different game-types). You MUST have all the DLC maps! Whether you have the SP DLC is up to you.

BTW... BEFORE you join a game, you might want to spend some time to figure-out what "trials" you need to complete! Getting kills/attacks with certain weapons/abilities will help to rank-up a LOT faster!!! You might even want to write down (or do it on your computer & print-out) a checklist, so you can remember what weapons/upgrades/abilities you need to utilize to complete your trials. As you level-up, more trials become available... so you'll have to stay on your toes and keep-up with the new trials that unlock!
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