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Originally Posted by bLaKgRaVy View Post
You guys make awesome guides. I'm currently using your Transformers: FoC and Sniper Elite V2 guides. I've used your Halo 4, Wolfenstein and Doom 3 collectibles, even a couple of your Sherlock Holmes ones. Plan on using your CoD: BO II, MoH Warfighter, Aliens, Arkham City and Sniper 2 ones as well.

They are clear, concise and the commentary is spot on. Keep up the good work!
Thankyou - I am glad you like our videos and that sounds like a lot of gaming you have on your hands there! As for the BOII - I am not sure if you are aware but Andys brother has made a Full Challenge walkthrough for NTA - But I havent got around to adding it here yet.

Originally Posted by iBuzz7S View Post
+1 for the guides. I was using your GoldenEye 007: Reloaded guide and I stopped playing the game where you guys made your final video (over a month ago). I did end up finding one elsewhere, but what you guys had was just perfect.

Eventually, this game will come in my hands and I'm sure I will be using your videos.
I sincerely apologise for you looking elsewhere for alternative guides, i am sorry that you had to do that - I have just the final dossier to do now and they are finished - I am happy that you approve of what I was doing - Hopefully others will find them as useful, which at the end of it was why i began creating them.

Originally Posted by upindat View Post
you guys kick ass!!
We all Kick Ass together
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