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Originally Posted by Blazman83 View Post
I dont mind that they had predator and combat challenges in this game, but whyyyyyy put them together as "campaign" challenges!!!! Its so tedious having to do them all over again!
Exactly this, I'm fine with them having more of the challenges but the campaigns ruin it for me. The fact that for most of them I can do 2 out of the 3 maps fine and then the third destroys me using up all my restarts, then I have to play through the 2 maps again to get to the third making my time to completion way longer. Also the Stealth challenges are way tougher than the ones on AA. Overall I think the Riddler's campaigns were a way to make the game a lot longer than it should be. Don't even get me started on the Robin and Nightwing DLC, such a cheap and boring DLC give us an actual campaign like Harley Quinn's revenge for them

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