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Originally Posted by MajinDustin View Post
I'm still having trouble getting "Bigfoot" and "Now they fly?" of course, I am going to start a list, for us to plan to get together and help each other get these achievements, I have 4 controllers and a mic, my GT is MajinDustin. I'll be willing to help others get other achievements as well. I'll be online tomorrow night around midnight 3-22-13

Please have a mic and extra controllers if possible so we don't have to rely on too many people. Just repost the list below and when it fills up that will be the group we'll go with.

1. MajinDustin
2. MajinDustin (guest)
3. MajinDustin (guest)
4. MajinDustin (guest)
5. AJ7
6. AJ7 (guest)
7. AJ7 (guest)
8. AJ7 (guest)
I need ALL of the crimson achievements Is it too much to ask to get those? I tried playing matchmaking and in 10 hours I only got ONE crimson map...this sucks. I will also be out of town for a family emergency tomorrow night and saturday, but can be online Saturday night around 10pm EST, and then anytime Sunday. I will be on tonight all night.
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