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Originally Posted by Tyger7 View Post
Formatting Suggestion

*Add Section names above instead if with collectibles.
*Possibly remove the Missions. I have to always sift through skipping them since they are so obvious. That or change the color so that the Tags are red and the easier ones to skim through.
*You can add pictures later when I am done getting them all.

Just thinking that might make it easier to read. Up to you!
I don't think section names are necessary, as each section only contains 1 of each, so I just put the name of the section in the name of the location. I think it works for something like this.

I'll more than likely be leaving the missions, as even though like 90% of them are near the start, some people are missing them as they progress, and may want to use this thread as a quick reference when seeing what levels they may have missed along the way. Changing the colours seems like it might work though, so I'll play around with that tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Tyger7 View Post
I have all the pictures, but somehow missing one. No good! I labeled them Tag1, Tag2, etc. So I have to look through all my pictures and figure it out.

[1:33] - One Step Closer COG Tag

After using the truck to create a bridge and exiting the police station, you will be attacked by snipers. After making it two the 2nd sniper ambush, you push your way up the street, by using a house to the left. Then you will want to cross the street into another building, and you will see a sewer on your left as you cross. When you enter the second building, you will see the Gears of War logo on the far wall. Go down the stairs, and into the basement to find the COG Tag.

This could use some editing. There is a very big gap between the truck and the COG tag. I would focus more on talking about when going to the hotel and there are One Shot Snipers aiming at you. I missed the part in your paragraph about the police station, so i focused on running around there looking for it.
Alright. Feel free to add them yourself, or email them to:

If you snap a picture that goes in between tag4 and tag5, just name it tag4.5, zip the folder, and I can figure it out.

And then I'll take a look into the location above tomorrow as well.

Originally Posted by Cpfc Dazzler View Post
Just played through the campaign with a friend, he was host. He got the quality soldiering achievement, for completed all declassifield, I ended on 41/42. We both played through the game together, no lag outs etc... I can't see anywhere on the game or online to see which one I could have missed? Any ideas?
It tells you how to check them in the notes in the first post.

It's not a glitch, you might have just failed one of the objectives. Chances are that you meleed during a weapon challenge or picked up a different weapon, so it didn't count.

Originally Posted by mcnichoj View Post
Could you tell us where? I don't actually know and I imagine it would be helpful for people like this fellow below you.
It tells you how to check them in the notes in the first post.
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