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Originally Posted by Lewcoop View Post
How hard is this game to 100% realistically; or should I really ask how hard legendary is really to complete as I've only ever done it on halo 2 & 3

I'm far from an expert on halo as I've always been a call of duty kinda guy.
but have played halo for a long time when the first xbox was released
It's physically demanding, yes. But unlike other games (such as Gears of war 3) Most of the achievements can be achieved over night. However, some of them (like beating the library on heroic in under 30 minutes) can be very difficult, but they are possible! (I've done that a few times, for friends, etc.)

SO, yes it is hard! But you can 100% it in just a few days, which in my opinion, it is a lot easier to handle than a game that is just a grind-fest (such as gears of war....)
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