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Originally Posted by TheTCD View Post
Kane & Lynch is a lot easier on it's hardest setting than Dog Days is. With that said though, this game is made a lot easier if you avoid pressing against cover and just exploit corners. The hardest part so far for me has been the Helipad at the beginning of 'Resurrection'. That was until I found it was super easy to do without getting spotted and you didn't have to get into any firefights. I'm dreading the airport, but so far, so good.
Really ?

Then I might pick up that game after all. I played the demo and thats what made me get this game for 8$. Unfourntaly This game is nothing like that games's demo.

This game sucks,bad AI,Broken Aiming,cover system. No Story at all. Thankfully Only 3 levels left on Extreme to get my achivement. This game has made me so mad,that I was yelling at the TV and making animal noises ha ha. No other game has made me that mad. I've beat Gears 1 2 and 3 on Insane,Duke Nukem Forever on ''Duke Incarnate'' and ''COD World at war veteran twice. This game is on par with Duke Nukem forever as its more cheap,then ''hard'' in a way Due to bad game desighning. Haven't played Co op at all yet.
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