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Territorial Achievement

All I need is the Territorial achievement and I have 1400/1400 for the game. Completed BS1, and want to complete BS2 before BS Infinite releases tomorrow. I'll be on ALL day today so just send me a message or a friend request (just put x360a in the message or something).

I can help people get to lv. 50 and obtain other achievements if they need my help. I'm looking to do this ASAP! Thanks.
CoD 4: 10 - 55
CoD WaW: 10 - 65
CoD MW2: 10 - 70
CoD BO: 15 - 50
CoD MW3: 20 - 80
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Bioshock: 1100/1100G
Bioshock 2: 1400/1400G
Bioshock Infinite: 1000/1000G

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