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I use alpha seeds so I can remember them, as such both the Alpha Seed and the Numeric as displayed are listed:

Seed: Reality Sinkhole
Seed: -1449786909
Spawn with a deep ravine visible immediately to South. Short distance to North village with visible massive cave system and deep ravine that has a path easily bedrock. 3 villages located, no blacksmiths.
No Mushroom Biome
Discovered: TU8
Last checked: TU8

Spawn Point (approx as it does move a few blocks): 278,67,209

Nearest Village: 284,73,64
Village: -240,73,353
Village: -391,73,8

Ravine Near Village entrance to lower paths: 265,46,-21
Follow above cave down making right turns only until the hole at 265,23,0
Build bridge over lava to reach 1 diamond and 2 spawners and 3 chests: 268,16,6
Diamond (1): 282,12,22
Zombie Spawner: 299,13,19
Skeleton Spawner: 294,13,24

Zombie Spawner, 2 chests: 220,54,20
Zombie Spawner, 2 chests: 183,16,294
Zombie Spawner, 1 chest, surface access: 122,61,224
Zombie Spawner, 2 chests: -404,51,-46
Diamonds (4): 168,16,321
Stronghold Surface Point (dig straight down to get to next): -132,72,292
End Portal (standing right on Silverfish Spawner): -132,38,292

Big Nether fortress, 2 blaze spawners, netherwart available.
Portal right in that village and ended up in the nether fortress.
Blaze Spawner: 44,78,5
Blaze Spawner: 66,78,32

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