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Originally Posted by lord verh View Post
The car with the car bomb explodes automatically before it reaches the two guards at the edge of the level, how do I prevent this? Very hard to kill those without bullets. This way I can't get SA on this level.
you detonate it yourself, when it is level with the guards, stood at the edge of the street.

after planting the car bomb, go back into the room where you got the bombs from, change into the guard outfit and pick the w2000 up. walk onto the balcony, inside the restaurant, and aim at the table where some of the targets are sitting. shoot one of them and the rest of them will run to the car and drive off past the 2 targets at the edge of the road. detonate the car bomb when it is level with the 2 targets on the road.

sometimes, there will still be 1 target left in the circle room in the restaurant, but you can shoot him with the w2000 too and still get SA, so long as you don't get caught.

you will need to consult your map to determine when to detonate the car bomb, as you won't be fast enough to get to the street to see it in reality.
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