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I'm having a problem on my game where I recently borrowed the DLC disc from a friend and played through the Jedi Temple. I got two achievements and now none of the rest are working as well as the Tatooine DLC mission. I don't know what happened and my save data got deleted. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem and if they know how to alleviate it, so I can 100% the game. Any help would be great.
Since I received so much help on this *sarcasm*. I decided to step away from it for a bit, play SW:FU2 and beat all of it, get every single achievement, and then come back to FU1. I don't believe in magic per se, BUT I don't know how you would explain this. I immediately started getting the achievements for the DLC. I did absolutely nothing, but just take a break from the game. If you have this problem my advice to you is to just take a break from it and play some other games, and then go back to it a bit later.
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