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Well, I didn't have the good sense to boycott Judgement, because I personally thought, "How bad could it be? I love Gears of War." Well I can honestly say that my friend and I have never felt so legitimately "tricked" or lied to in our 20 years of gaming experience (we've both been playing games since we were 3 or 4 years old and we have both played Gears of War since day 1. The Overrun demo seemed fun enough and rumors that I'd heard concerning the removal of DBNO, Locust in MP, game modes, and loadout changes were all explained away in many articles and forum topics... Apparently. A couple of weeks ago, I would have NEVER believed that the multiplayer in a Gears of War game could turn out so... horribly. First I was ready to blame People Can Fly (even though I loved Painkiller and Bulletstorm), but then I found out that PCF was responsible for the Campaign portion and that Epic itself, had created the multiplayer in-house.
All of the components of a great Gears game are on the disc - hell, I'd even take a complete repack job of Gears 3 if things would've stayed halfway enjoyable.
The competitive MP feels like fucking Family Double Dare, Red vs. Blue - playing paintball as Team Blue Baird vs. Team Red Baird. [I was pissed at the idea and turnout of COG vs. COG, but I was even more upset when I realized that it was a quick way to ensure that the microtransaction character skins worked for all of the characters (also explaining why there is a grand total of NINE multiplayer characters... Gears 3 had over 30)]. There is no DBNO, so every firefight ends with a completely goofy, unwarranted, an inexplicable, "dead on your feet" Havok physics clusterfuck (imagine if every kill in Gears 3 involved the losing party flopping all over the place, as you do when you've already gone DBNO twice in one life).
As for the loadouts - and it took me a second to actually comprehend what had been done here - but you now choose your starting weapon (SINGULAR), Lancer, Retro, Hammerburst, (preorder only Classic Hammerburst, Gnasher (eight shells, total), Sawed Off, or Markza sniper rifle, and you choose which type of seven grenades you want to SPAWN with (minus the incendiaries, and ONLY the incendiaries - everything from Frags, to Stims and Ink is available to spawn with). Remember the days (you know... the past seven years) when grenades were a map-based weapon that you had to fight over? Yeah forget it, now you can spawn with a frag and there is a "quick toss" button, so that you can get your nade out there at the beginning of any fight, just in-case things don't work out...
And remember the starting weapon slot I talked about? That is the one weapon you get. Your secondary is a Snub pistol - no more spawning with the traditional Gears setup: a rifle, a shotgun, a smoke grenade, and a pistol. Now you get a rifle OR a shotgun, with a back-up pistol occupying your second weapon slot instead of the.. pistol slot. Since this means that many people will end up dropping their pistol for another real gun, you should see the goofy ass shit that happens when you pick up a boomshield or a meat-shield (HOLD UP, you can only do this in Campaign mode, there are NO executions in MP): remember the days of Goldeneye when you could dual-wield bazookas or assault rifes? Well when you pick up a boom shield, you hold that with one hand, and use whatever gun you're using in the other. Believe me when I say that it looks a little bit awkward to be firing your Lancer, Gnasher, Bolt Action Rifle, or Flamethrower with one hand. But honestly, imagine starting with JUST a sawed off shotgun... fucking useless, and there is NO reason why they would need to make this change.
There are a dozen other things to criticize, but those are some of the big ones - I'll just add that if you want to spend a decent amount of your time in MP, there is a grand, stunning total of FOUR maps. Four. Four MP maps and Four Overrun/""Survival"" maps (Survival sounds like a spin-off of Horde, right? Well fuck that, it's just Overrun with bots on the Locust team instead of other people. Ten rounds of "what the fuck" and then it's over. Excuse any questionable argument organization over here, but all of this stuff kind of blows my mind. And if you didn't get the explicit idea from the last point I made, there is NO Horde mode and no Beast mode... And no Guardian, and no KOTH, and no Warzone, and no Execution, and no Capture the Leader, and no Submission, and no Arcade mode for Campaign (Campaign basically already is it's own overly structured, uncustomizable Arcade mode).
Alright, I'm tired and I really don't have the will to continue discussing this bullshit, so just understand what they did to Judgement and ask yourself, or Epic, WHY they let this happen. In the opening week, Judgement sold four-times less copies than Gears of War 3 - the game that Epic seems so dead-set on distancing itself from.

TLDR? Too fuckin' bad. Read it or go away.

I'll discuss this in more detail, later - probably on Judgement forums, or on Epic's site (you should see the reception that Judgement received over THERE... My God, those guys make my rant look like a glowing recommendation).
What happened?
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