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Originally Posted by Burnout x360a View Post
Finished BioShock within 2 days? Damn, I wouldn't want a game to be over that quick.

Ad for Terraria, never saw the appeal.
Even though i finished BioShock, i only played it on easy and got 650/1000G, so if you went for the 1000G it would take you alot longer, so don't be put of in anyway because i finished it already, it's a great game....

As for Terraria, i played it for about 7hrs today and i'm not to sure about it now?
It might be the 2D thing, plus the tutorial doesn't explain much..
I think i will give it abit more time and then see if i like it enough to try for 400G...

Edit; I should also point out that my 2 days of finishing a game, might be 5-6 days for some else, as on Tuesday and Wednesday, i played for about 11hrs each day.....

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