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Originally Posted by Silicon Iceman View Post
Yeah, I was surprised that AC challenges were almost the exact opposite of Asylum's. In AA, the combat challenges (on extreme) were SO much harder than the stealth ones and in AC, the combat challenges are easier than the stealth ones (damn you, "On Top of the World" map!).

Anyway, the combat ones are relatively easy, especially if you did well on them in AA. If not, then the key to getting three stars (question marks) on the combat challenges is:

Hit a guy pressing "X" ONLY ONCE, then jump over a guy (any guy) by pressing "A" (or is it double tap "A"? I'm not sure now) and hit "X" once again and then hit "A" to jump over him and repeat the cycle until you get a combo going. When you get to "x5" combo (or whenever the number turns yellow in the upper, left-hand side of the screen) do a bat swarm (X+A, I think) and then repeat.

It sounds kind of complicated when I type it out, but it's really not. Once you get into a rhythm, you will be a beast! The thing you have to remember is that you can only hit "X" (strike) only once per thug, then you have to jump over him and strike someone else only once, then jump over them and hit another guy only once, until you get a x5 combo. Spamming bat swarm stuns everybody and lets you repeat the cycle all over again allowing you to chain very high combos together which is the ONLY way you will get three stars (question marks) on the combat challenges.

That's the basic fighting. When you get a variety of harder thugs, you're obviously not going to be able to depend on just hitting them with "X". For the armored thugs, always use the instant takedown (Y+B) when you hit your x5 combo. Take those guys out first because if you accidentally punch them, you will lose your combo. Next on your priority list should be anyone with a weapon. In that case, you should use the disarm combo (Y+X, I think) to permanently disable any weapon such as car door shields, guns, and stun batons. Keep using that combo until all weapons on the field are destroyed. Do not use the disarm combo if there are no weapons in the hands of thugs. You will lose your combo if you do.

Those tips should allow you to ace most of the combat challenges. As for the predator challenges, do what I did and go to YouTube and search for the exact stealth challenge you are doing. The early levels are not too bad, but the extreme ones (especially in the campaign) will be a bitch if you don't do it (almost) perfectly. The trial and error of trying to figure some of them out yourself will be maddening. Just look at what the awesome people online did and try to copy what they do in their video. It may seem cheap, but it's better than the alternative... especially if you really want to complete all the challenges.

Hope this helps.


Edit* - I forgot to add: Do not do a bat swarm if there are not a lot of people around you. If your bat swarm fails to hit anybody (because nobody is close to you) you will lose your combo.
I'm struggling on Hard in the main game, and didn't even get a bronze in the combat challenge I tried with Nightwing. I'll give your system a go though. I couldn't do Arkham Asylum on Hard so at least I am getting better.
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