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Man, I can't stop laughing... co-op... served to perfection... what are they smoking?

Has no-one played the other Ao2's? This is not Ao2, this is a shell of a game which loses the lefty flip, the ability to scope or not, the co-op aggro/stealth overkill... This game is a shadow of Ao2... and if released under any other name would be called out as such.

Salem and Rios look like crap compared to the old them... seriously... for example Rios was a badass (but a softie too), and looked the part (and if you say "yeah but he's older", I'll say "And probably killed the guy who gave him that nose job.").

This game is NOT Army of TWO, it's a shell... you can claim "co-op served to perfection"... but all I'll say is I preferred my bots in Gears of War Judgment to the one in this.

Play Army of TWO: The 40th Day if you don't believe me. The multiplayer SUCKS, that is true... but I played through the campaign with people and solo I don't know how many times. It was how I expected Ao2 here would be... it is not... Ao2 here is bland, attempting to gain more fans from games such as Call of Duty, and Battlefield...

You want Ao2, go buy The 40th Day
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