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Originally Posted by h4mm32 View Post
Heartbreaker 50
Killed a Handyman by only shooting his heart.

Handy Men are the larger enemies with Giant mechanical hands at the center of their chest is a open beating visible heart, shooting the heart will do added damage. All damage has to be to his heart, keep Damage Over Time effects off to lower your risk, but you can damage him otherwise until then. The gear upgrade to do more damage to handy men as well as weapon upgrades will vastly help. Don't use any vigors and clear out all other enemies first, if you have an upgrade that has damage effects when enemies attack you, it will also negate this.
You can use the secondary effect of undertow (hold lb and charge undertow) to temporarily paralyze the handyman and get a open shot at the heart. repeat for a total of 5-6 times and you should of killed him. It does work i unlocked the achievement by doing it this way.

Originally Posted by h4mm32 View Post

Bon Voyage 25
Killed 20 enemies by knocking them off Columbia.

Use the undertow vigor by pressing when an enemy is somewhat near or right next to an edge. Undertow does little to no damage so you can rinse and repeat...until he is thrown off the edge.
Much easier method is use Bucking Bronco (lifts them up) then undertow to throw them off Columbia
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