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Originally Posted by NeoOmegaDark View Post
Salem and Rios look like crap compared to the old them... seriously... for example Rios was a badass (but a softie too), and looked the part (and if you say "yeah but he's older", I'll say "And probably killed the guy who gave him that nose job.").
Most of what you wrote I do not agree with, but the look of Salem and Rios was fucked up.
Rios looked like a wimp this time around, and Salem just didn't work for me.
I'm glad we got to play as Alpha and Bravo because how Rios looked would have pissed me off bigtime. Loved playing as Rios in the previous AoT...
They should have given A and B better names though

Gameplay is what matters, and the game was fun as hell
7/10 if you ask me, and I hated the lack of story and still I had a great time. Started an Insane run, but gonna let the game get some rest and finish it in the next weeks. Bioshock needs some love too
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