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Originally Posted by Nozza x360a View Post
Two things that keep bothering me, so I might as well mention them.

Corned achievement. I personally think you should mention where the 2nd can pops up. Even though you'll come across it, it might be too late. I think having "you'll find it on the is as level" is too bland.

The 2nd is the character you seem to use for your "no death" run. Why the Hillbilly? He's useless. Great he can hold his breath but you don't need that anywhere! Plus his mission is quite long.

The best 3 are Knight, Scientist and Monk. The Knight is the best character in the game for one. His special move can be used on every level and it helps skip and cut out loads of stuff as you play.

Add that the his and the other twos VERY short missions (All can be done in about 5-7mins) you can complete this playthrough in no time. I seriously suggest not using him and always taking the Knight.

Edit: Walk like an anventurer achievement description is a little wrong. It's not the 1st ladder it's the second.
The Hillbilly is not useless. You need him in at least 3 playthroughs to ensure getting all the achievements.
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