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Saints Row 2 is one of my favorite games ever. Back in 2006, I was impressed by Saints Row as a GTA fan but never got that far, because it was a bit frustrating and the controls felt weird. Years later, I gave SR2 a chance but soon forgot about it until another year later when I finally finished it and replayed the first one afterwards. And holy crap was it worth it!

I recently replayed all three games again and really enjoyed the story of SR & SR2. Especially the story of SR2 is absolutely great. It's serious, sad, intense, scenic and a bit funny. Every minute in Stilwater makes me sad how dull Saints Row The Third is in comparison to the first two games. I had so much fun replaying the first games, that I even find the controls of them better than in SRTT now.

There is so much more to do, to see and to get in SR2 than in SRTT. Give it a chance, play activities through their last level early in the game, save often and enjoy the cutscenes, dialogs, music, environment, easter eggs, rewards etc.
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