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First of all... no one hates "non-inverted" more than me! That is why I own a 360 controller that has an invert switch to "force" the setting for games that won't support it.

That said... the "look inversion" for this game is NOT the same as a typical first-person shooter/game. For the most part, what you're dealing with is the movement of the cursor around the screen. It does bother me that it can't be inverted (and I can just plug-in that special controller to remedy that)... but what bugs the hell out of me, is that you can't swap thumbsticks!

What idiot programmer decided it was a good idea to have to move the cursor around the screen AND mash the appropriate button at the same time - with the same hand?! They can stop trying for absolute idiocy: There are no other contenders!!!

The moving around in the game is clumsy, at best... so THAT should have been done with the right thumbstick, not the left. I suppose I'll have to look for a controller that has thumbstick swapping ability - in addition to look inversion (and find that idiot programmer and bitch-slap him)!
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