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Why you can't fight as locust in this game is beyond me. The characters in this game are poor enough as it is. We have under 10 characters to play as in MP, without DLC or Pre-order bonuses. If I was in control of that I would of made it my mission to add every character I possibly could of in there.

The thing I'm most pissed about though is the fact I can't play as a Carmine anymore. The Carmine's are my favorite character's by far. I like to play as helmeted characters especially and I like the characters of all 3 of them. Clayton features in Aftermath, why can't I play as him?

I'd love to see Karn being added in GoW 3 but it sadly will never happen. I remember seeing him in the campaign and thinking to myself "I can't wait to play as that badass". I was really disappointed to find out that he wasn't in Multiplayer. Poor effort from úpic and PCF.

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