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Phoenix BLK
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Gamertag: Phoenix BLK
The host with the most (host private 5 on command pack map)
kill locust (5 onyx, boss wave, hardcore)
Zeta team, go! (zeta squad round 1-10)
Horde natural (20 waves in a row, no death/down on nature map)
Elemental (25 hidden cleaver kills)
Unstoppable force (Finish a nature map)
Force multiplier (Lambent Berserker as 5 nature characters)
Defending the past (Finish a fenix map)

places to see, people to destroy (host private 5 on command pack map)
Now they begin to understand (beast, all fenix maps)
Natural selection (beast, all nature maps)

Foreshadowing (Raam executes Kim)
Come to Poppa! (win as 5 recruit Clayton's)
Locust, forever! (win as 5 savage marauders)
I've got this! (Guardian, leader, 10 kills on a nature map)

I've done it all! (mainly just revive ribbons from horde and beast)

GT: Phoenix BLK
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