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Originally Posted by jatt_boy_punjabi View Post
So I am on the last DLC mission "Justice Served" and I am on the "stalk the guard dog patrol" objective, but as I enter the bushes (where you are supposed to go to) the objective doesn't change and nothing shows up on the map. It stays on the same objective, no guard dogs are around to lure over and it doesn't let me sprint or change any weapons. I have tried restarting the mission, restarting the checkpoint, deleting DLC and reinstalling it, and also started a fresh new save but that problem is still there. Anyone else having the same issues ??
I am also having this problem, any suggestions or advice? Anyone?

Edit: I just deleted my save, started a new game, and still have the same problem, this is total bullshit as I can't finish the last mission, WTF Ubisoft!!!

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