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Most annoying achievement??

Firstly i just want to say that the game developers want shot for these achievements! I have no problem with difficult achievements but when you can do something perfect and still 9 times out of ten fail due to luck, then the developers need to take a look at themselves!

I thoroughly enjoyed the game doing both the stealth and the all guns blazing play-throughs but this dlc has tainted the memory of a great game! I must have put double the amount of hours into the dlc then the game itself! Hopefully the next lot of story related dlc will bring back the enjoyment of what was such a good game?!

I was just wondering what peoples opinions on the top 3 most annoying achievements? Now that i have finally got all of them i would say they were:

1. By my hand alone
2. Headhunter
3. Daredevil

I must say i have great respect for all who has completed this DLC!
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