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You can get all the achievements of the game in a single game

Originally Posted by Terraferminator View Post

- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 - some achievements cannot be earned together in the same playthrough

- Number of missable achievements: 9 - Blot Alley Superstar, Heads Up, Off Track, Perfectionist, Running the Gauntlet, Tunnel Mouse, Devoted Pin Collector, Master Pin Collector, One Toon's Trash (see achievements below for info)
It is completely false: you can get all the achievements of the game in a single game.

Perfectionist and Off Track are not incompatible.
Tunnel Mouse and Film Buff are not incompatible.
Blot Alley Superstar and Running the Gauntlet are not incompatible.
Master Pin Collector is always available unless you steal the pearl of Tiki Sam.

Thanks for your effort, but I'd appreciate next time you check things better. Your statements have cost me up to 3 playthroughs to verify that they actually can get all the achievements in only one playthrough.

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