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If you use the stinger attack (RB + Y + forward on analogue stick) to hit Credo's shield. As soon as you have executed that move jump then air hike and shoot while locking on until Credo's combo has finished. Stop shooting him and Buster him straight away, Nero should punch him away. Then just repeat until he dies.

Jump, Air Hike and use Snatch then try to buster in mid air. If you don't throw him to the ground he will try to attack you but you can just jump straight out the way. While Snatching Dante, If you activate Devil Trigger just before you Buster him, your attack will be more effective.

Bloody Palace:
Best hint I could give would be to Keep you DT gauge as full as possible or definetly 3 bars (well blue circles). If you learn to use your DT, the palace is fairly easy. When I played this loads I used to just use all my DT to regain health but if you just flicker your DT you prevent enemy attacks if they are in mid lunge. This will also reduce being Combo'd by some enemies when you just cant stand up. Keep your DT until you're getting annhilated or if you see an enemy coming to attack you but turn it straight off to save it as much as you can. Never reach a point in the palace where you can't use your DT or you could be killed.

With Nero if you just keep double jumping instead of locking on and evading it's easier to dodge all the attacks, hit him with 3 "Charge Shot 3" and his electrical shield shall be dropped. Now to kill him before he turns red and angry...
Buster, Stinger, Buster, Charge Shot 3, Stinger, Buster, Stinger, Charge Shot.
This will kill him before he has a chance to go red and hurt you and will also give you a SSS rating every time. The Charge Shot 3 will be ready by the second time that you Buster him if you have automatic selected. It knocks him to the ground and stops him from going red...

Mephisto + Faust:
Double jump directly underneath which one you want to kill and hit Buster not Snatch, Double jump underneath it again and hit Buster again and it should come out of its cloak, use Snatch a few times if you need to. Then when it's on the ground activate DT and hold in (RB + Y + B + Forward on analogue stick) it unleashes a combo which will kill either type of these in one attack before they get a chance to go into their own DT. Sorry I forgot the name of that attack also.

There you go guys, an earlier post of mine. Should help you out with most of the tougher enemies.
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