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Originally Posted by SimonJK View Post
Okay so this may be complex at first with a few extra needs but it's the quickest way to level up your BAR:
First you need to be a gamer who uses 2 profiles in co-op and has a flash drive. Next you need to have played though Torgue to at least opening Moxxi's bar and have some Tokens but not have bought anything with them yet. Now the long tedious part.
Be in Moxxi's bar and just leave player 1 standing, player 2 joins the game and straight away goes to options/ change storage and swap to flashdrive but leave player 1 on HD.
Player 2 plays the 1 arm bandits till he has used up his tokens, notice how player 1 also gets the winnings building up his stock of tokens. Once player 2 has no tokens, he/she leaves the game then re-enters from the HD save then swaps to flashdrive as before.
Repeat this till player 1 has 999 tokens and it stops collecting them. Now quit both players to the front end menu and swap the players around (ex-player 2 presses start). If you wanted you can repeat the collection process so both profiles have 999. Now the BAR raising bit.
Start the game again in Moxxi's but the player with low Tokens is player 1 and the 999 player is 2.
Straight away player 2 (999 tokens) changes to flash drive and then plays bandit and as soon as he wins tokens it passes the 1000 mark and you gain 100 BAR, exit player 2 only and make sure it saves then reload from HD, notice how you kept the BAR from the Flash save, swap from HD to flash and play bandit again.

Once you are the point where you are just swapping, playing and exiting you raise BAR points very quick. I'm at 44k Bar and it takes a little over 200 BAR to get a point.
Man this sounds very complex or maybe I'm just reading it wrong but it's surely worth a try. My BAR is +31k now and a little bit more can't hurt now that the UVHM difficulty is out.

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