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Originally Posted by ThePumpkinKing View Post
Cannot believe all the hate for this DLC. Seriously. Have NONE of you played Mirror's Edge? Portal? Or any game that puts your ability to master it to the test? These trials are basically on par with the trials from those games. And personally, I think they're great. These are what achievements are meant to be: work.

I'm not even close to completing them. And it's entirely likely that I may never. But all of you pissing and moaning about how terrible this content is need to drink a tall glass of shut the fuck up.

This content is incredibly well done from a technical standpoint. Hell, just playing through each level gives you an idea of how much effort went into it. Yet all most of you are doing is fucking trashing it as garbage because of the achievements??? Fuck that. I'll take a challenge any day of the week over a freebie where achievements are concerned. Especially when the content they're coming from is this well done.

And at 400 points? This content is a steal for what it offers in terms of variety and replay. Unless you're an achievement whore that doesn't actually like working for you achievements, apparently...

So glad I didn't bother even looking in this sub-forum until after I'd purchased the content. It's filled with nothing but bullshit, sprinkled with the occasional helpful post.

There is a difference between a challenge and complete luck. Most of these "trails" would be much easier if luck didn't play a huge part in them. You have Bonfires where the order that the beams spawn is completely random, so if they spawn too far away from each other you have no chance. Train Runner on Expert spawns you with a RANDOM amount of mana at the start. The "By My Hand Alone" achievement is based purely on what enemies spawn and where they spawn.

Although I will admit that SOME (not all) of the trials were somewhat enjoyable. Kill Chain and Bend Time Massacre were fine. Both Burglar and Mystery Foe were fine. It was really the combat and mobility trails that sucked.
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