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Thanks for the advice Hamket but i have watched the video and done what you have said.

The problem is that when i first go in, hit him with the Azoth, get as many digs as i can until he gets up but then i am right in front of him. He hits me (doesnt throw his chain out) and gives no option to dodge?

I have tried getting a few less digs on him to give me a chance to run away from him but he always seems to catch up, so when i turn around he is in my face and again hits me (gives no option to dodge)?

Guess i am going to have to practice running away from him more efficiently to give me some more time to turn around and unleash the Azoth on him.

Anyone got any any advice on the best weapon to use on him, i was thinking the morning star (in the box with the puppets) or the katana (in the box in the cells)?
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