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yeah it really is god awful. pretty sure this is the first Lego game where in free play or free roam, you cant have 2 of the same character out at the same time. so if you, say, need Sam to cross an elven rope point, then switch to someone else, then try to switch back to Sam again, you will find yourself switching control over to the other character because the dumbass AI decided it needed to change to Sam to follow you. instead of what would make more sense which is simply allow the AI to be Sam at the same time, or even an alternate version of Sam.

also i really hate the free character selection they've implemented in the last couple Lego games, where you just get the big wall of characters to choose from when you hold Y when in free play. they should just do like they used to where they automatically give you at least 1 character with each ability and only let you select from those 8 for the level.

or, do what ive been saying for years now which is allow you to create a custom group of 8 characters, so that way when playing a free play level you can quickly and easily select a group of your favorite characters arranged in whatever order you prefer. thats one simple thing that would really make Lego games a lot better.

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