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Subscriber Spotlight - April 2013

Helloooooo traveller! Come in, come in, what brings you to my door on this blustery winters eve?

You want booze? Drugs? Easy achievement points? We have all of that AND MORE. Well, actually, I don't have any drugs or liquor so I feel that may be a misrepresentation at this juncture. Still you're here, I'm here, so let's while away the time by looking at a nice picture of a bridge.........

............wasn't that great?

I know I'm now more culturally aware and full of knowledge. But it seems like you could use some more. I'm sure I've got some innappropriate lithographs here somewhere........*frantic whispering* oh. Apparently I can't do that, so here is the next best thing, a peep into the life of one of our fine subscribers.

This months unwilling victim, errr, well rewarded lucky person is none other than Scotty x360a. A man that likes to work on his abs AND his gamerscore - but which is more impressive? Let's find out.

--Welcome to the spotlight! Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself.
Well, as the scholars among you have undoubtedly already worked out, my name is indeed, Winston. I do like to partake in bodybuilding, which i would say is my main hobby, though my muffin tops would have you believe otherwise(don't listen to them!). Gaming is a very close second and has been a main hobby of mine probably since high school.

--You're into bodybuilding, car pimping and gaming. A strange combination - so which order would you put these three hobbies in? I also heard a vicious rumour that you where seen making out with your car, while working out naked and filming it all on Uno using your 360 vision camera. How do you respond to my....I mean, these heinous allegations?
I wouldn't really say car pimping was a main hobby, more just some words to fill a somewhat blank gap in a little box, but i have only done very basic stuff to it, not including the ludicrous allegations put forth, I've never even played Uno, but how you found out the rest though, I don't know. My neighbor was NOT as discreet as he said he would be. Bastard!

--How did you come up with your gamertag?
My original gamertag, which was lovingly hand-picked by Microsofts' own appointed, 'this'll have to do', machine, was ScottyS1990, which, after some extensive research, i believe was created from my name and date of birth. It's just genius. I have recently changed it though for the lovely site awar... I mean to of course, represent to my fellow gamers that this is where i got my unparalleled gamerscore of about 89k.

--What first brought you to x360a, and then what made you stick around and subscribe?
I believe i first came to the site in 2008, when i needed help with Oblivion. It was around the time when i was a shining example of the jobless youth of britain and had NOTHING better to do than kill Daedric stuff. Good times. It wasn't until 2010 though when i made an account. I was a little on the 'social reject' side in 2008, so i was too scared to make an account and talk to people. I finally grew a pair in 2010, only 20 years into life, and here i am today, you can't shut me up! ... You can, just tell me to shut up.

I first subscribed at the beginning of last year for around 6 months, but alas, real life had to go and ruin everything, but last November, i was back, with a vengeance! and some cash. I chose to stick around, as with most of the regulars, because everywhere else rejected me. No, i kid, it's of course because of how lovely everyone here is and the fact that the regulars of this forum are like a close, but somewhat degenerative family. I love it!

--I see you've contributed some guides/tiles and the like (many thanks helpy helperton). What's your motivation to helping others?
I wrote my first Micro guide last November, with the DLC 'Dragonborn', for Skyrim. I just felt like it would be good to do something for the site, that was somewhat contributory, so i would not feel ashamed in the company of the more prominent members of the site who contribute regularly. I enjoyed writing it and was sort of hooked from then. I made use of the new Submit forum and tried to write anything for any game i could and i got a few out of it. After that, i tried my hand at the big boy's game of a retail guide, with my first venture for the Hitman HD Collection. I think it was successful, and have since attempted a second retail guide for the new Army of TWO game.

Anyway, shameless promotion over, i enjoy writing them and getting positive feedback is very healthy for my very unhealthy ego.

--Any guides you wish you could have had a hand in, or have your eye on doing in future?
I would like to have at least contributed to the main Skyrim guide, but i don't play games like that fast enough. I would have been able to make a career off the popularity of that guide, if i had my name to it in any way. As for any future guides, i would like to write one for a huge game, like Skyrim, getting hundreds of thousands of views. I don't have anything in particular in mind, but seeing as you have asked so kindly, i would, under duress, say the new Rainbow Six game is taking my fancy at the minute. I may attempt that.

--Is the 360 your only current console? What others have sharpened your gaming skills over the years?
The 360 is my only console, but i do like to play some games on my laptop, every so often. I generally don't buy new releases for my laptop, the only exception being Skyrim, which i will cease to talk about eventually, I promise. But I mainly only bought it for the downloadable mods. The real reason i play on my laptop is for a game series called 'Total War', which are excellent strategy games. I only play on easy and with cheats, like 40,000 money and such, mainly because of the word 'Strategy' that you have just read, as i have none.

My gaming career began with the SEGA Mega Drive that i got for Christmas one year, for being a good boy. I only played a very few amount of games, but most notably was 'Columns' which was on a 6-in-1 cartridge that came with it and a game called 'Streets of Rage', which may also have been on the very same cartridge. After that, i acquired my older brothers PS1, as he left it behind when he moved out, but upon reflection, he may have just wanted to get rid of it, it didn't last all that much longer after he left it. I then moved on to the PS2, which again i got for Christmas for being a good, now 14 year old boy, along with GTA3 and my first ever DVD, Reservoir Dogs, which funnily enough, i still have never watched from start to finish.

My 360 came after the PS2 when i began to see the light, or as some would say, around the time i was coerced into doing so by friends and family members.

--What is your gaming setup?
My gaming setup is highly underwhelming. I've got a 26" TV from ASDA of all places, not too sure on the make, but it works and that's all that matters. Right? Along with the TV i have a lovely 'Bed' in which to sit on while slobbing around on the Xbox all day, which as it turns out doubles up as somewhere to sleep, too.

--When you're picking the next game to grace your console, do you go for game play or achievements first?
As shameful as it is, i would look at an achievement list first and if it was too hard or too long i would be very unlikely to buy it, unless it was from a series that i like, Gears of War being an example. The achievements are hard, but i buy it because i like the game and usually get very few of the achievements in it. That being said though, there are some games i would buy without a seconds thought about the achievements, Skyrim being a great example of this. Gameplay isn't all that important to me, as long as it is fun or has unbelievably easy achievements, it will be allowed entry into my disc tray.

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