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--Everyone has a 360 game they can't get enough of, what’s yours?
Well, i'm going to shock you now, but i can't seem to stop playing Skyrim (Editors note: I wasn't shocked). I love it, as if we where meant to be together, forever! It's just so huge of a game, i can't get bored of it. If i do somehow manage to accomplish getting bored in Skyrim, I have no reservations about starting a new character and going through everything with my beloved all over again.

I'll give a little mention to Minecraft too. I do love me some blocky building. It's weirdly relaxing playing Minecraft on your own, the noises of doing everything, like mining and placing blocks are all very nice to listen to.

--Out of all of the games you played (on any system), which was your favorite?
This time i may actually shock you, but it isn't actually Skyrim. My all time favorite game is Rome: Total War. It is a strategy game for the PC, where you start as one of three roman houses and build your armies and cities up to take over as much territory as you can. You can also unlock other factions by completing the game, so playing as the ancient Greeks or north European barbarian factions for example, is also possible. The armies you build can end up huge, with the biggest possible being 4,800 soldiers, so you can imagine the fun in battling these armies for your own sick amusement. The game is dated by now, so playing it for the first time now would likely not impress many of you, but i assure you it is great.

--So if you could make your own game what would it be? A specific genre, a sequel, a crazy mash up of ideas?
Yay, this was my suggestion of a question. Now i have to answer it. sigh.

Kind of threw this question at me and i'm so very unprepared, so this will most likely be a load of old shite, but i'll give it a shot.

I'm thinking futuristic and guns. Next question! No, i would maybe create something like a combination of the Mass Effect story and the crazy killing of borderlands sort of mashed together, like some unholy abomination in a very old or low budget horror film. As long as it contained killing, cool bastards with outrageously funny dialogue and plenty of customization, i would be happy to sell it to people with a clear conscience.

--Talking of sequels. Do you care that most games nowadays seem to be rehashes? If you could choose would you go for a new IP or something familiar?
To be honest, i like familiarity in games,so i would prefer a sequel to a game i already like than a new IP. There are few new IP's i really like, with RAGE being the only one that springs to mind at the moment and the sequel to that has just been cancelled. I'm pretty gutted about that.

--Any games that makes you scream (in frustration/rage or fear)?
I do get quite terrible rage when i'm playing on my own. It's mostly because i suck, so dying constantly is a little disheartening, to say the least. I have gone through my fair share of controllers and knuckles because of this phenomenon, too. Anyway, the game i drop my bottom lip for most recently has been Gears of War: Judgment. I've never been good at Gears online, so why i thought this would be different, i'll never know. I gave up on it a couple of weeks ago, getting ruined by everyone with every weapon. I can't even master the 'noob' tactics, and still get wasted all the time.

Honorable mentions are Call of Duty and Battlefield, again as i get wasted too often. That's probably why i stick to single player most of the time. No-one can kill me when i'm on easy difficulty. Except for when they do and i just turn it off and go sit in a corner for a few hours.

--If you could wipe one game franchise clean of the face of the Earth, which would it be?
Probably Call of Duty. Just to hear the wailing of the millions of prepubescents as their means of being little shits are taken from them. That would be like music to my ears. I would also wipe FIFA from existence. I hate football, and this would piss quite a few of my mates off, so i would have my entertainment covered for the weekend.

--What achievement(s) are you most proud of?
I'm only really proud of one, as it's the only one i have, that is hard to obtain and worth spending my hard earned pride on and it is 'Hard to the Core' from Dead Space 2. Completing the game on hardcore mode with only 3 saves was quite the accomplishment and i'm hoping to be able to replicate it with Dead Space 3's version of this achievement.

--We all know gaming goes on till the early morning. What do you eat and drink to keep the reflexes sharp all night?
I'm partial to an energy drink or 2, or maybe like 5. I love Rockstar energy drinks, they are the most tasty, but i won't turn down a Monster or Relentless, either. For food, it would usually be some sort of chocolate pastry, like a Crepes or Brioche. I know, those words make me look like an arsehole, but they are both unbelievably good.

--I'm assuming some of those late night sessions included some achievement boosting. Any good/bad/memorable experiences you can regale us with? Were staff involved?
I very rarely boost. If i do it is usually quick achievements, so that i don't have to actually speak to anyone. I don't really like using my headset. The only staff member i have played with is Nozza. I was helping him beat the Borderlands 2 DLC quickly so he could have it as a completion for the subscriber competition at the beginning of this year.

--You have any particular online buddies that you hang out with regularly? Or any that have gone AWOL and you pine for like a lonely wolf?
Neither, really. I do play with some friends sometimes, but none of them really play the same variety as me, they usually stick to one or two games, usually FIFA, which i haven't played since FIFA 2004. I do have people on my friends list that no longer come online. My nephew is one, but he is more sporty than anything, so i think the xbox was just a phase for him. There are also a couple of old work mates on there, but i'll not be seeing them pop up again. One of them had a drug problem and i think he sold his xbox to accommodate this problem and the other was actually murdered early last year. I do miss the one that was murdered, he was a really nice person and i enjoyed playing Call of Duty: Black ops with him, sharing videos of our high score matches.

--Naked gaming - good or the stuff of nightmares?
Depends on the circumstance. If its gonna get me a hard to get achievement, i'll strip off there and then. If its gonna get people laughing at my 'shortcomings' then i'll leave my clothes on, or maybe just a quick bit of testicle or something, nothing too revealing.

--Well, there has to be a few games that you didn't like. Which ones were the worst?
All of the CSI games. I hate the program and now hate the games even more. I forced myself through them for the subscriber competition at the beginning of the year and they took forever. Of course the lovely guide by Jackanape was the best thing about the games (Editors note: You suck up. I LOVE IT! Gold star).

--Admit it, there must be a few games you played just to hear that wonderous achievement unlocked sound? NAME AND SHAME THEM!!!
Along with the aforementioned CSI games, i only played Fight Night Round 3 and Need for Speed: Carbon(the old one) for the easy achievements. There are undoubtedly more, but some of these cheap dirty whores of games, i actually ended up liking, like as strange as it sounds, Oblivion. I only got it as i was under the impression it would be easy, which it really was, but just time consuming, and i ended up loving the game.

--Not every game with quick points is easy to complete. Are there any games that you are giving up on?
Every Call of Duty, Halo and Gears of War i have given up on, either the online achievements or the hard difficulty achievements. These are understandable, though i think as they aren't easy.

The easy games I have given up on are Prison Break and King Kong. I just can't...Oh and Saw. Terrible.

--What was the last thing you purchased on the arcade? Worth it?
The last thing i purchased was Dead Space: Ignition and was well worth the little purple fellow now gracing my awards showcase. Surprisingly not that bad of a game and very easy achievements, which is always a bonus.

--Do you purchase/enjoy DLC? Or see it as a vicious cash cow to be ignored?
I buy a lot of DLC. I will buy it without thought if it is screwing up one of my few completions. I do like extra content though. Especially when it is a game that i enjoy, some extra missions or weapons or some very broken property(looking at you, Hearthfire), it's all welcome on my xbox. I'm known to spend a tad too much money on these extras, too. Basically, i'm keeping EA in business. Bloody Mass Effect Spectre packs.

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